Saturday, June 13, 2015

Down With Up With Kids

Cannon took a children's theater class with a group called Up With Kids this year as part of his school schedule.  He enjoyed it.  I'll say more about that in a bit, but here are a few pictures from his performance.
He was Christoff in a Frozen knock-off entitled Frost Bite.  
 Cannon was adorable and articulate and had the biggest part for the boys in the youngest class. 
Stay with me-- this is not a bragfest.
All the little Olaf's are doing sign language to "Let it Go".

Okay, now let's get real.  Besides seeing my little darling up on stage-- and he was, in fact, spectacular-- this was the most painful, awful, annoying thing (I will not even call it a show) I have ever had the misfortune to sit through. 
As Abe described it, "I feel like I feel asleep watching the Disney Channel and then had a nightmare of all the horrible shows mashed up together".
There was no storyline, just very fabricated lines so that every parent's little darling had some sarcastic, snarky, snotty line.  AWFUL.
Now mind you, Cannon liked doing the class and the show and said he'd like to do it again.  Faith said she would like to do it as well.  Never mind what my response would be, Abe said, "Over my dead body!"  For the record, I am with Abe.
He did get this lovely Oscar, which is just what he needs-- another useless plastic trophy--but I guess we're done with Up With Kids.  He learned more doing The Wizard of Oz anyway. 
Forgive the negative tone of this post.  I will probably regret such harshness, but it was just a very unpleasant evening that left a very bad taste in my life. 
Okay, see-- I feel bad already. 
Cannon, I love you and think you are amazing.  It wasn't your performance.  It was the unbelievably bad material.

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