Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hauser Lake

The joy of beloved cousins reuniting!  Elinor and Annie rushed into each others arms.
The Fox Family Reunion does not officially begin until this coming Monday and then goes for five days.  We came up early because we'll be leaving after the third day.  Even still, there will be plenty of joyous cousin time!
Yesterday we gathered at Hauser Lake for swimming in the heat.  And they are having a heat wave!  It was only about 100 yesterday, but temperatures are predicted to be 106-107 the next couple of days. That's hotter than we get in Northern Utah.
In the shade it was quite pleasant. 
This was a great lake we had never gone to before.  Not too big, not too crowded and a great pier that went all the way around a not too deep swimming area.
George and best cousin Asher.  They are just a few months apart in age.
Building sand castles.
The finished products.
John is almost ten and Cannon just turned seven, but they are buds.  Cannon adores John and respects his soccer skills. 
John kept Cannon on the run during a little match in the heat.
 During our lunch break Abe entertained us all by recounting the story of the first time he went water skiing on this very lake as a young man.  
Peter enjoyed himself some oreos.
I enjoy myself some Peter.

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