Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sleep It Off

We stayed up late packing.  We got up very early to get on the road.  There was a lot of sleeping on the road.  At one point, when the car was particularly quiet and peaceful, I looked around to see that every child except Clark was asleep.  I hope you can feel my joy as you scroll down.
Pay no attention to the fact that George appears not to be wearing a seat belt.  I'm sure the bottom part was buckled?
I understand that this is a necessary step in Clark's development.  He did a perfectly fine job of driving for a couple of hours, but this was not a scene of peace and joy for me. 
Apparently, he does not care to have me in the car while he drives any more than I care to be in the car.  Apparently, I make too many comments.  Apparently, I stress him out.  This is when I should have taken a nap.  Peter, however, was quite happy to have Clark drive.

We left at 6:30 AM Utah time and arrived safe and sound (physically, if not mentally) at the Moyie Cabin in far North Idaho at 8:00 PM Utah time.  A long day of driving, but enjoyable to be together.

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