Saturday, July 25, 2015

Omelets in the Park

Our Pioneer Day celebration was omelets in the park with my Cannon/Behunin family.  My dad wasn't much of a cook while I was growing up.  In fact, most of my memories of Dad making dinner were rather frightening and not very tasty.  It seemed his goal was to use up as much food that was expired, or about to expire as possible-- admirably frugal, but not appetizing.
However, his one masterpiece was omelets and I credit my dad with my love of ham and cheese omelets.  It is a joy to me that Abe too, has mastered beautiful-omelet-skills as well.  So as my dad and I talked about a possible family get-together for Pioneer Day, I said, "Hey! Let's do omelets in the park!"
Dad and Bev are full-time missionaries at the church office building.   I think they are so cute in their straw hats.
Peter was so happy being outside with lots of big people to play with him.
He especially liked playing on this chair, even if it did tumble over him a few times. 
 Abe and the boys were playing some sort of football game.  We met at 9:00 and we had the entire, huge, new city park to ourselves for quite a while.
It was nice and cool in the shade.   
 After omelets and plenty of playtime, Grandpa shared some family history about our pioneer ancestor, George Q. Cannon.  I think all the little kids were exceptionally patient and hopefully the older ones learned something.  I quite enjoyed it. 

A couple of other things I am enjoying right now:

-- I have organized a Jane Austen book club with my girls and several other moms and daughters this school year.  We're well into Sense and Sensibility and we are loving it!  The girls beg me to keep reading and it makes me so happy to be sharing it with them.  I admire and enjoy the language of the book so much and hope reading it aloud will influence my and my children's patterns of speech.  And if we all start speaking in British accents-- that would be okay too.

-- Peter drank a bottle today!  Yes, that was a first since he was about a month old.  I've tried tp give him bottles, but he has refused.  He turns one next month and I'd like to move towards weaning him, so this is definitely a step in the right direction. 

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