Monday, July 20, 2015

Trekkies and Pioneers

This is the favorite picture of the week.  This picture was taken Wednesday morning a little before 4 AM.  Clark and Bethany were packed up and headed off on a Pioneer Trek at Martin's Cove in Wyoming.  Our stake does a pretty fantastic job of pulling off Trek every four years and Abe and I (and Clark and Bethany) were so very excited for them to get to have this experience.
A tremendous amount of work and planning goes into make this a happy and, from what we've heard, a smashing success.  We cannot thank enough the youth leaders and others who made this possible.  I'm hoping to get more pictures soon to share.
Here are just a couple.
Bethany getting ready to help pull the handcart.  She was called on to share a few thoughts about Trek today in Sacrament Meeting and did a beautiful job.  Over three days they walked roughly 30 miles, pulling handcarts for 23 of those miles.  To get a small (and I do mean very small) taste of what our pioneer ancestors went through is powerful.  To be there for each other and work hard together is wonderful.  To know they can do hard, uncomfortable things is valuable.  To feel the spirit of those who sacrificed so much doing what they knew Heavenly Father wanted them to do is a beautiful thing.  To increase their faith in the Savior and their testimonies of the gospel is a blessing.  We have heard nothing but glowing reports.  Awesome!
And of course, what outdoor adventure would be complete without Clark catching a snake.  If I understand correctly, this little beauty was caught in Martin's Cove.  I'm proud of him for catching it, but am even more proud that he didn't bring it home.
They had terrible weather-- 50-60 mile an hour winds at time, pelting rain.  CRAZY stuff.  Clark got to play the part of one of the "Valley Boys" who carried others across the Sweetwater River.  According to Clark, his favorite parts were when things were the hardest with weather or river crossings.
I am very proud of both of them and all the youth of the ward.  I hope maybe someday I'll go on a pioneer trek-- but I fear I wouldn't handle it as well as they did.

They returned home on Saturday, but earlier that morning, the younger kids and I had a fun adventure.
We went downtown for the Days of '47 Youth Parade.  We'd never been to it before, but our stake Primary was invited to have a float and have primary kids and their parents walk along behind.  So we said, why not?
Actually, they kept announcing it in Primary, and George kept asking me when it was that we were going to be in the parade.  It's hard to say no to George because he is a very persistent little fellow.  Also in the picture is our neighbor Ben, whose family was almost all on Trek.
The float's theme was "Forging Family Links Through Family History".  The kids all had a picture of an ancestor on a "family tree stick".  Faith chose Faith Elizabeth Holmes Young (her great, great grandmother on Abe's paternal side).  Cannon picked Grandpa Bill Fox (Abe's Grandpa).
George had Arben Jolley (Abe's maternal grandfather)
Elinor had Barbara Kirkham Jolley (Abe's maternal grandmother).  No one had anyone from my side of the family.  This was no slight against my family.  I have wonderful ancestors.  To be honest, these were the pictures most easily accessible, and since I left this project to the last minute, we were grateful for Fox/Jolley relatives.
We had quite a fun time.  Good feelings prevailed.
Ben and Enoch (Elinor's friends) were very good to our little boys.  With so many kids under my watch, we had to utilize the buddy system.
George had some ward friends in the parade as well.
Faith and Emma.  I like little Peter's bandana.  He enjoyed all the excitement of the morning.
As we walked around waiting for the parade to start, I kept feeling unnerved by the feeling that this strange woman was always walking close to me.  I'd get a little startled, only to turn and look and realize it was ELINOR!!!  She has had a real growth spurt and she is catching up to me!  And of course, she is beautiful and I've quite enjoyed my time with her while Clark and Bethany were away.
After the parade, they had a large, free festival/celebration/party set up for all the kids.  A couple of tents were the Home Depot for cool wood building projects set up for the kids.  Totally free and once again, George insisted we build bird houses.
We built bird houses.
Now they have painted them as well.  So, I'd have to say we scored!  We had a great day and by the time we got home and settled, it was time to go get Clark and Bethany.
They were worn out, but in good spirits.
Oh, Abraham, put the camera AWAY!  The girl does not wish to photographed!  But really, we were so happy to see them! 

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