Wednesday, August 19, 2015

More of Peter's First Birthday

Peter had a hard day today.  He went to bed about 5:00 this evening, which means we are probably going to have a horrendously early morning.  Nobody could bring themselves to wake him up from his late nap.  It was really the only peace we'd had all day.  
When I was putting up the most recent post of his birthday I couldn't find these pictures, but now I have.  And I'm glad because he wasn't smiling in even one of the previous post.  Consequently, we get to enjoy Peter's first birthday-- take 2.
He was quite happy to have all of us singing to him.
And it was unusual, but lovely to have the family sing a pleasant rendition of "Happy Birthday", as opposed to the usual completely off-key, varied, tempo, yelling version.  Usually it is a competition to see who can sing the worst.  But everyone in the family knows it is no good to upset Peter, and our traditional singing would definitely have upset him.  Out of respect the birthday baby, we kept it pretty.
I particularly appreciated Abe, Clark, and Cannon wearing the Aloha shirts for the party.  Clark requested his shirt from Santa Claus last Christmas. 
Abe loves Hawaii more than almost anyone I know.  He is wearing his prized Hawaiian shell necklace.  I am not exaggerating when I tell you that he has had his bead necklaces since we went there on our honeymoon and he busts them out for any Hawaiian themed activity.  He got them for free and they are probably monetarily worth less than 2 cents.  But can you put a price on sentimental value?
Peter gives high-fives and fist-bumps, but he always points his index finger for fist-bumps.  He gives out hugs, but he is rather discriminating with who he hugs and when.  We haven't figured out his method to deciding who he will hug and who he won't.  Funny boy!
He will pretty much always give me hugs, even though I do really mean things to him, like trying to feed him the frosting on his birthday cupcake.
"And you call yourself a mother!"

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