Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My Cup Runneth Over

Parenting can be hard work.  There are days of endless laundry, dishes, cleaning, diapers, cooking, chauffeuring, disciplining, schoolwork.  But there are parts that are SO REWARDING, you almost can't stand the goodness.  Tonight was just such a night.
This past weekend Bethany began her career with the Lyceum Philharmonic Orchestra.  She auditioned in the spring and was surprised to make it in.  Beginning on Saturday she's been rehearsing for about six hours a day in preparation for nightly concerts at BYU's Education Week this week.  Abe and I went this evening and I was BLOWN AWAY!  They had a guest artist, Rodrick Covington, perform with them and it was inspirational, fun, spiritual, and impressive.  I apologize I'm gushing, but holy smokes!  I cannot believe Bethany has the opportunity to be a part of something so uplifting and is able to stretch and grow musically and spiritually at this time of her life.  I am so, so grateful.
And to see my daughter playing at BYU in the Harris Fine Arts Center where I did a bit of music myself at BYU was pretty incredible.  It was definitely worth any tears on her little violins over the years. 
Naomi was down at BYU for Education Week, so she joined us.
One more picture of the orchestra.  I'm betting no one would be able to find her here, so I'll try to describe where she is.  On the left side, four rows back, the third violin in.
Her first program.  They played Beethoven's 5th.  It was magnificent!
Now I'm just annoying.
I can't help it.  I'm so proud.
Second to last row, third in.
And I get to go hear her tomorrow night as well.  Lucky me.

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Amy F. said...

I'm super proud of you and your kids!!