Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Little Things Are the Big Things

One of George's favorite birthday gifts was a kit to watch caterpillars turn into butterflies.  I'm so proud to say we followed the directions correctly and had several butterflies to show for it.
I love this picture of everyone watching the last one fly away.  As beautiful as this picture is, I will tell you the truth.  Moments before Clark was banished back into the house because he kept trying to catch the newly released butterflies to feed to his lizards (or whatever reptiles/amphibians he houses downstairs).  Understandably, this was very upsetting to George.  Fly away free, little butterfly!
Look what's getting closer!  Now, you know my children are not known for their early walking.  We average 15 1/2 months, but Faith was 19 months before she finally got up and walked.  Peter does seem a little more determined than some, so he may push 14 months.  We won't hold our breaths.
Bethany made a relaxing place for George to rest.  Doesn't that look comfy?  Don't you wish someone would build you an adult size of that?  And then fan you and feed you grapes?
Clark, Bethany, and Elinor went to an outdoor dance Saturday night.  They had a really great time and I took several pictures I probably shouldn't have.  I even took a video I really shouldn't have.  Now, I would like Clark to continue to speak to me, so I won't post the video.
No, I really musn't.  Please, don't ask again.
But I can put up a few pictures??  At least until he sees what I've done.  Enjoy them while they last, as I may have to remove them once he checks the blog.
Elinor is there in the blue shirt.
Yeah, that's the one I probably shouldn't post.  They were really getting into it!  It was hysterical to watch.  Very dramatic.
You might have gathered this was not an ordinary youth dance.  This was mostly vintage dancing, which, thanks to Andrea, these kids have done for years and know most of the dances by heart.  In my humble opinion, it is the epitome of wholesome recreation for young people.
One of the things I am looking forward to the most this school year is teaching George to read.  This is really one of the most enjoyable things about homeschooling-- learning to read while snuggling together on the couch.  I've used Bob Books with all of the kids and while I'm sure there are a hundred first readers out there that would work just as well, these do the trick for us.
And of course, little Pete is right there in on the action.  George seems ready to read and is picking it up pretty well.  It is nice to have the confidence of having successfully taught older kids to read and thus being able to enjoy the process without much stress.
Guess who helped make dinner again tonight?
He also got up at 4:30 every day this week to take Clark to go do his road driving and drivers test with an instructor over in Draper.  I would have done it, but my goodness, I was so very thankful he volunteered.
And the result is...Clark is fully licensed now!  Yippee!!! Another driver!
He can only drive immediate family for six months, but that works great for me!
He's a good driver-- quite cautious and got 90% on his driving test.  I guess that means he will only be unsafe 10% of the time. Thank goodness!


Abe Fox said...
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Abe Fox said...

We are in the THICK of it.....of raising these AMAZING kids!!
I want to absolutely cherish every moment and THANKS to your blog I can review & relive these FOX-TASTIC moments in time!!!
THANK YOU x 1,000 for recording & (more importantly) creating such a special world for our children (and me)!!!