Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rafting the Clackamas

The last Fox Family Reunion activity was a short rafting excursion on a lower (i.e. very easy and slow) section of the Clackamas River near Portland, OR. It was AWESOME, and everyone who went will attest to the same. We went down the very non-white-water-river in 4 rafts with 9 adults and 22 kids!

Our boat, dubbed the "Blue Rocket" by us, was almost always in the lead.

Betsy's sister-in-law, Misty Cannon (Matt's wife) joined the crazy Fox clan on this 3-hour rafting trip......and she was a very buff rower.....or technically I should say paddler.

Here is the main kid-contingent of the Blue Rocket......you see, kids were regularly jumping or swimming from boat to boat. Here is Adam and Clark, the co-winners of the Most-Often-Man-Over-Board award (and yes, I let Clark swim without a life jacket).

Thank you, Betsy, for letting me take Clark, Beth and Els......I owe you, Big Time.

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