Saturday, August 5, 2017

It's a "Car Birthday Party"!

We needed to drive home on George's 7th birthday.  Knowing that's not a very fun way for a kid to spend his birthday, we tried to make is special for George by giving in a "Car Party in a Bag" before we left the hotel.
It was filled with games, trinkets, and bobbles and party supplies to keep the party going all day long.
For a kid like George who is very enthusiastic over all sorts of "stuff", he was in hog heaven.
We decorated the van so everyone from Spokane to Utah would know it was his special day.  We haven't washed it off yet, so lots of people in our city now know a boy named George turned seven!
A special picture with Grandma and the birthday boy.
We dressed up for our car party!
Attractive, no?
I like how happy Greta is even though Abe is holding her hands down so she won't pull her mustache off.
Faith created a stegosaurus headpiece from birthday hats.
The ride home was uneventful, except that is was a party-- and now we're settling back into life at home. 

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