Saturday, August 5, 2017

Lake Coeur d'Alene Day 2017

Thanks to some of Abe's more adventurous siblings, and especially thanks to Mom Fox's generosity, the family rented a bunch of boats to spend a few hours on nearby Lake Coeur d'Alene.
Amongst all of our families we had seven boats-- 4 speed boats and 3 pontoon boats.  Each family got a couple of hours on each kind of boat.
There are two kinds of people in the world... speed boat people and pontoon boat people.  It shouldn't be too hard to guess which kind we are.
Having such a strong sense of self-preservation puts our family firmly in the pontoon boat camp.  Perhaps with the exception of Bethany who was a little more daring than the rest of us.
We have no desire, nor plans to become "boat people", but it was a very enjoyable experience for the whole family.
I hadn't been out on a boat with Abe since shortly after we were married and my family came up to Spokane for an open house.  His family had a boat at the time and we went out on a lake with my family.
I went tubing.  I didn't go tubing fast.  But I did go tubing... and I didn't get my hair wet.  I don't like lake water.  I love germ killing chemicals in my water.  I know I'm lame.  One thing I will say in favor of lake swimming, versus ocean swimming, sharks.
Eight kids on a tube!  I did consider snipping the rope and Abe and I speeding off down the lake together.  The rest of the children should thank Greta for helping me to reconsider.
These two weren't interested in too much speed, but when they were on the tube together, they were braver.
Abe's classic retelling of the first time he learned to water ski!

Nice diving form, Abe!
The pontoon boat was lovely and spacious.  And slow.  I like slow.
The moms of the family formed the Anti-Drowning League.  Basically, we met together and agreed that we were in charge of the safety of the family and moms would have the final say on who could go in which families' boat.  I think I was probably a little more uptight than was absolutely necessary, but that many boats and that many children made me nervous.  In the end, everyone did great. The Anti-Drowning League was a success!
Peter liked driving the boat.
Swimming out to "Mermaid Island".  Lake Coeur d'Alene is so beautiful and I like it because my mom's name is Alene (pronounced differently than the lake).  Coeur d' Alene in French means "Heart of Alene".  That makes me happy.  
Everyone slept so well every night of the reunion because we were all exhausted after playing so hard every day!

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