Sunday, February 11, 2018

February 11, 2018

During the Olympics I am always caught up on folding laundry and blogging.  Two things I can easily do while watching Olympics.  In fact, in my "maturity", I have a very hard time just doing one thing at a time.  I prefer to be a little more productive and killing two birds with one stone.  Which may very well say something about my mental health and not living in the moment and blah, blah, blah.  But whatever.

On Saturday we celebrated Abe's sister Marjorie's birthday with an early lunch down on Provo.  Here are the five Utah siblings.  You may have noticed Abe is growing out a beard.  He will be "Dan", one of the brothers in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat in April and the director would like them to have facial hair.  Also, for work he is not face-to-face any longer, where it was preferrable for him to be clean shaven.  And, although I have been staunchly opposed to facial hair in the past, I admit, I think he looks great and I like it.
And with spouses.  We really do have a great time together... even if I did have to get into a heated "discussion" with Daniel about which was better... The Greatest Showman or La La Land.   And for the record, I adore them both and could no sooner choose one over the other than one of my children over another.  He disagreed.  It was all in good fun, though.
Oh yes, I did take a selfie of myself!  Guess what?  I've started running jogging shuffling down the street with purpose again.  It feels great and I suppose it's good therapy for dealing with Clark being gone and watching children grow up.  I decided the answer was probably to focus a little more on something I enjoy and want to do and a little less on things I have no control over.  No races on the horizon yet, but if I know me, that's probably coming.
The last two helicopter babies!
While the family seriously vegged out on Olympics today, Team Middle Kids made Beanie Boo Bob Sleds.
 We discovered Peter had packed himself a snack to take to church today... a used Tic Tac container filled with sugar.  It didn't even occur to us to take it away from him.
 I applaud the resourcefulness of the three year-old in a family of 10.  He has learned to take care of business himself and that forgiveness comes easier than permission.
I enjoyed and I still enjoy my little ones, but teenagers are the best.  The excitement for life, the energy, the humor, the talking and relationships.  I am thoroughly enjoying them and I am definitely missing those things with Clark these days.  Although, he does write great letters and I can still hear his enthusiasm for life.  The girls went with a group of friends to Airborne (a trampoline place) last night and had great fun.  They are both pretty sore today, but they said it was worth it.  

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Opening Ceremonies Party!

Maybe you've heard me mention how much I love the Olympics.  We celebrated the start of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics with an Opening Ceremonies Party!  Food, friends, fun and most importantly, OLYMPICS!
Greta's first Olympics!
We had a great time making commentary on all the countries fashions.  And you know what a fashionista I am.  There were mixed reviews on the Americans cowboy gloves.  At first I didn't love them, until someone mentioned they were wearing jeans and belt buckles and boots and cowboy gloves and they looked like they were from Texas-- and THEN I LOVED IT ALL!
I think an Opening Ceremonies party may be a new tradition.
When the party was "over", things got a little silly with lip syncing.
The dudettes.

We got a good chuckle out of this lip sync.  Forgive my cackling in the background.
It was late.  And it was fun.
There may have been some regret this morning.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Welcome to Texas... er... Oklahoma

Monday  morning we got up early and anxiously awaited a phone call from our missionary from the Salt Lake airport.  Missionaries are encouraged to call home on Christmas and Mothers Day and that's it.  Except for the call home from the airport just before they fly to their assigned mission area. I was a little worried it would be difficult to say goodbye all over again, but my worries were completely unfounded--- It was wonderful to talk to him!  
One thing that was so interesting is how much he sounded like my brother Matt.  If we hadn't known it was going to be Clark calling at that time, both Abe and I would have sworn it was Matt.  So cool how family traits get passed through families.  He sounded happy and excited to get to Dallas and meet his mission president.
This picture doesn't look so good with me putting my hand over Peter's mouth, but in my defense, he has been so loud lately.  And we needed him to be quiet so we could understand Clark on the speaker phone.
Here he is with his mission president and mission mom!  Don't they all look great??!!! I'm so excited for him!!  But in his first assignment he has been sent about as far from the mission home as possible.  He is in a small town in far southeast Oklahoma called Idabel.  I get the feeling he is out  in the sticks and I think he will LOVE it.  Before he left he said he wanted some time out in the country, not just the city.  Well, Clark, I think you got your wish.  How soon before we get a picture of him with a creature he has caught?  Pray that it won't be a venemous one!
 Clark with his greenie group.  
 With his trainer, Elder Frampton.
When you're inadvertently twinning with your neighborhood friend.
When you're whole family is completely obsessed with The Greatest Showman.
When you're the littlest brother and will not be left out of The Greatest Showman action.
I drove Bethany to her violin lesson up at the U this week and we had ourselves a Mama Mia sing off on the way home.  After a failed attempt to video ourselves we settled for a selfie.  Bethany and I have spent a LOT of time talking lately as she navigates new life experiences.  She is a joy and I just try not to think about how close she is to growing up and leaving the nest. 
 Thankfully, this little one isn't going anywhere anytime soon.  I love her eyes and her lips and I love the dried boogies and peanut butter smudge on her mouth.  She is one of my greatest blessings.
And sometimes she looks like this and I still love her!  Best bad hair day ever.
It's all good.  Really good.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Olympics Are Almost Here!

Team Middle Kids and I went to go see The Greatest Showman on Tuesday.  Constantly listening to the sound track at home isn't enough.  I prefer the dollar theater (which isn't actually a dollar anymore), but I love this movie so much that it was worth $5.00 Tuesday.
On Saturday we had lots of people going lots of different directions so it ended up being Cannon and I and my sister and her daughter Takara going up to the University of Utah gymnastics meet.  We had a grand time.  It was especially fun to see a gymnast get a perfect 10 on the vault.
The obligatory bad selfie on Trax.
Can you tell I really like pink and white polka dots?  In very exciting news, Greta is scheduled to get tubes put in her ears on February 16th.  It's not that I want her to get tubes... well, actually I DO want her to get tubes because then her ears won't hurt and she will be able to hear and learn to speak. 
Faith has been practicing this straddle handstand for her gymnastics recital.
The nice weather has the neighborhood kids out playing in droves.  It's been quite lovely.  Ironically, the kids with the FOX sweatshirt is not one of the Foxes.
I am so glad I have sons, but I admit there are things I do not understand about how boys operate.  This evening Cannon came upstairs with a cut under his eye.  He said he was letting Peter punch him and this happened.  Why was he letting Peter punch him?
I had myself a big ol' cry this evening.  There were two main reasons. 
1.  We are expecting a phone call from Clark tomorrow morning while he is at the airport ready to fly to Dallas, Texas.  I am happy to talk to him, but also a bit nervous about bringing up all the emotions of saying goodbye again. 

2.  We were engaged in a family project this evening-- getting ready for the Olympics!  We love the Olympics and we like to decorate and get ready for our Olympics parties!  And as we worked on the different parts of the project both Abe and I said how much we missed Clark and how this was exactly the kind of thing Clark loved to do.  He not only had great ideas, but he was a work horse and stuck with projects and made things happen.  And gosh darn it!  We missed his enthusiasm.  So many of our great birthday parties over the years were because of his efforts. 
A sneek preview of our decorations!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

In Which Abe Turns 43 and Goes to Space Camp

In what can only further solidify our position as one of geekiest families on the planet, we went to space camp for Abe's 43rd birthday last night. 
Not the whole family, mind you... we'll wait till Clark gets back for that.  No, we invited a few of our friends who we trusted would still like us after it was all said and done. 
 IT WAS AWESOME!!! Super fun!  I suppose the activity is mostly intended for children (it is located in an elementary school), but they can scale it for adults and it's really quite a riot.  It is stressful at times! I suppose it can best be described as being in a real life Star Trek episode.  If you're into Star Trek, which actually, I'm not, but I love space camp anyway.
Our captain giving us an inspirational speech before we began the mission.
Evan and Jeff--The security team.
Camille was the clear choice for tactical.  She just really wanted to blow things up.
Candice handled communications-- she was kept hopping!
They Thygersons kept busy with damage control.  Who knew there would be so much damage to control!
Keith was a no-brainer for engineer.  He is an engineer in real life and the coach of the robotics team. So...he didn't get much choice in the matter.  Keith and Camille are doing their training before the mission began.
Michelle was the helm (pilot) who safely steered us through some very tricky situations.
Frankly, some most of us had no clue what was going on most of the time, but no matter.  It was still so much fun.  I was the Captain's First Officer.  I was pretty much a waste of space on the ship as far as my usefulness, but once again, no matter. 
I do think they should invest in some adult size captain's uniforms.  These were a stretch (pun intended).
It's a pretty awesome setup.  The whole experience is great for working on problem solving.  Like when our ship got boarded and we all got stunned and had to leave the bridge.  Fortunately we were locked in a part of the ship where our armory was kept.  We got a hold of some guns and we took the Orion pirates down!  Action packed!
Captain Fox with Chief-of-Operations, Kendall.  I loved how Abe had nicknames for all his crew.  Kendall was just "Chief".  Michelle the Pilot was "M" and I was the First Officer "Number One" or "Hot One".
After the two and a half hour mission, we enjoyed dinner at Pizzeria Limone. 
Happy Birthday, Captain Fox!  I do love this adventure with you!