Sunday, November 19, 2017

Because Parenting Is the Best Thing I've Ever Done

November is great month.  It doesn't have the craziness of the December and Christmas, nor the "manic fun" of October and Halloween.  There aren't a lot of decisions to be made, regarding homeschool choices or extracurricular activities.  It's a month where we're in the flow and routine of life and I like it!
Maybe it's because Clark is leaving on his mission soon, but it is the joy of my life to observe these wonderful kiddos in their lives, and work, and play.  They delight me.
Here are Clark and I getting our last (for a couple years at least) pumpkin shake from Arctic Circle.  We've done this every fall since he was 11 or 12.  I picked him up from the Front Runner Station and we got lunch and shake together.  The conversation was awesome, the company even better.
We amuse ourselves.
Peter was good to wear his overalls if Elinor wore her's too.  And pockets in his pants are a very big deal to Peter, so he was happy with a front pocket to snack on cereal throughout the day.  Elinor and Peter share a room.  You might think that is unfair or unfortunate that a teenage girl has to share a room with a three year-old brother.  But I assure you, Elinor enjoys sharing with Peter.  They have some things worked out at bedtime and Peter always calls for Elinor before settling in for the night.  
What's that?  Oh, you want to go to Lego Land?  
Okay, I'll give you Lego Land.  
Mmm, mmm, mmm.  The perfect combination of sassy and sweet.  
She probably will never be spoiled with stuff, but the way this girl is doted on and loved...Sheesh! The benefit of being the youngest, I suppose.  
Ever the creator and inventor, George made guitars out of Cheerios boxes and rubber bands for him and Peter.  This mom's trash is George's treasure!
A little eye makeup and heavy metal training.  Even Peter was getting into the action. 
Then Elinor did this picture with them.  
And my life is complete.
Greta under the piano tutelage of Elinor.
These little scenes I come upon that make my heart sing.  
The boys having a little Heroscape game night.
He was pretty pleased with this backpack.  It weighed about 18 lbs full of all his treasures.
Reading time for team Little Kids.
Putting on a pirate play at the Thanksgiving Point Museum of Natural Curiosity.  This is my favorite picture of the week.
Poor little Greta was having some tummy/digestive troubles recently and Bethany was so sweet sit and comfort her while watching one of Greta's shows.  When Bethany was little she struggled similarly, so she could truly empathize with Gret.
People sometimes think homeschoolers do there school work in their pajamas.  This is often true,  but Elinor prefers to do her school work wrapped in her favorite blanket.
A little pre-church building with Magformers.  I suspect Clark may be trying to get in as much time with the littles as possible before he leaves.  Sometimes that time involves teasing and screaming in delight from the little people.  Sometimes it is too much and they all must go away outside.  I mean, I love them, but... the teasing and screaming can be too much.
Elinor is LOVING being on the high school swim team!  She's working so hard and sleeping so well at night.  She's had a couple of meets and she is already improving her times.
Jumping into leaves in the fall has to be one of the chief joys of childhood.
Nice form, Cannon!
I can't say I'm ready for the cold of winter, but I can't complain that we haven't had a lovely, mild fall.  
Too much air, Faith!  You went out of the picture frame.
By the way, Faith has finally, reliably got her standing back-tuck!  She's been working on that for a while at gymnastics, so we are excited to get to see her perform it in her upcoming recital.
Falling into leaves must be an acquired taste.  So, sad, but still so cute.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017 Photo Album

Halloween 2017!  There is no family theme and I don't feel even a tiny bit bad about it.  I love what the kids came up with.  I enjoy it other years when we do something all together as well, but this years was low-key and great fun.
I'm daunted at the thought of commentary on all these pictures, so, I'll just throw them up here and enjoy looking back at fun memories.

I adored Cannon as a Hobbit-- Frodo Baggins.  Cannon wore this costume to dance last week and some of the girls called him "The Hip-Hop Hobbit" and that just cracked me up.
George the mad-scientist.

Faith borrowed her Hermoine costume from the Schramms.  Many thanks!
Elinor went trick-or-treat with Sierra.  She is a gal in our ward with special needs who Elinor has really enjoyed since she was very young.  Elinor said it was one of her best Halloweens to get to go with Sierra.

I teased Beth Miles about wearing some spider earrings to Primary and she gave me this lovely spider ornament to wear as a necklace!  NEVER!

At a Halloween party at my cousin's house and my cousin Jason showed up as Gandalf to Cannon's Frodo!
Abe was sporting Clark's homemade Karate Kid shower costume.  Bethany made her jelly fish costume as well.
Peter's trick-or-treating was somewhat short-lived because he was... shall we say... not polite.  He would say trick-or-treat and thank you, but the problem was people would put treats in his pumpkin and he would take them out, hand them back and say, "Me not like that kind!"
Heaven help us.
The sign was Bethany's addition to Greta's costume.
He would have liked to worn his green froggy costume, but alas, it was too small.  He settled for the fire fighter costume, but his heart wasn't really in it.
D&D  on Halloween is ever so slightly more socially acceptable on Halloween than on other days of the year, so for one night, and one night only, it moved upstairs from the seclusion of the basement.
And finally, inspired by a photograph taken of Abe's family around 1984...
Abe is in the fetching plaid jacket on the right.
May I just say, I know the pain of outfitting a large family for a family photograph.  To find that many suit jackets and blazers that are the right sizes for that many little boys... my hat is off to my wonderful mother-in-law.
We used up a lot of parental capital in getting our teens to go along with this picture.  After the  Fox sweatshirt costumes last year, I was surprised there wasn't more outright refusal.   Truthfully, I though about mutiny myself, but it meant a lot to Abe and now that it's done, I admit, I like them.

The teens threw themselves a Halloween party.

Those are good odds for that lucky young man!